Guest Cake Designer

A few weeks ago, we had Stevi Aubie, from Hey There Cupcake, visiting us at from scratch. Stevi is a former interior designer turned cake artist and we’ve always been a fan of her modern cake designs.

We worked on ganaching cakes, covering cakes in fondant, hand-painting, sculpting, and creating some beautiful sugar flowers – and so much fun! We had a great time working together on some unique orders for our clients.

She was an inspiration for many of the cakes on our launch earlier this year, so it was especially exciting to finally meet her.

We’re so glad she made it here, shared some of her tips and tricks and got to know this little bit of paradise.

from-scratch-cakes22 from-scratch-cakes23  from-scratch-cakes25

Welcome to my new blog!

After joining my partner in the Turks & Caicos Islands in 2013, I decided to pursue my other love – baking.

I attribute my fundamentals to my time at the Hotel School at Cornell University and working in the hotel school’s kitchen. Even though my job was strictly prep, I’d always find myself venturing off to the baking and pastry side, helping out whenever I could get away with it.

A few years later, while in law school, I enhanced my skills through internships and just baking anything I was craving during my free time. Free time in law school? I made time. But it was only when returning from a trip to Paris and realizing that my macaron stash would not last forever, did I start my macaron journey, searching high and low for recipes and quality ingredients and perfecting the delicate cookie.

I am the ultimate perfectionist and lover of everything pretty and tasty. I am a firm believer of baking from scratch and using only natural ingredients.

My enthusiasm for baking and decorating continues everyday as I grow my portfolio. Stay tuned as we introduce new and exciting ways to make your stories a proud part of my story.